Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 5  (9/5/13) Whitby Marina
Re fuelled 75Ltrs. Wrote this blog. Occasional rain.
Day 4 (8/5/13) Spurn Head to Whitby (69/292nm)
Depart 0445, Arrive 1600 (Pontoon berth).
Wind: F5 E Sailed at 7kts average for 40nm. Wind fell, motored for final 29nm. Overcast.
Excellent facilities and a great welcome. 
Day 3 (7/5/13) Wells on Sea to Spurn Head 48/147nm.
Depart 0600 Arrive 1400 (Anchored in soft mud - very poor holding).
Wind: F3 S. Motored. Sunny.
Past a vast stationary wind farm.
Day 2 (6/5/13) Lowestoft to Wells on Sea (56/99nm)
Crew: John Eastwood. Depart 0530. Arrive 1700 (Pontoon berth).
Wind: F2/4S. Motored to Southwold and then sailed to Lowestoft. Hazy sun.
The neglect of the groynes at Corton, Hopton and Happisburgh is quite shocking.
Great Dutch Pea Soup in the Albatross (a large Dutch sailing vessel moored in the Harbour).
Day 1 (5/5/13) Shotley to Lowestoft (43nm)
Crew: John & Robert Eastwood.
Depart 0730. Arrive1440 (Pontoon berth).
Wind: F3 SSE. Motored. Sunny. Much talk about Global Cooling. 
Took picture of the exposed geotex bags protecting Thorpeness - how long will they last, 3 years?

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