Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 12  (16/5/13)  Amble to Eyemouth  (42/408nm)
Depart 0800, Arrive1600.
Wind F2/4 SE. Mainly sunny. Sailed last 30nm. Many Puffins on the water close to Farne Islands.  Noticed steam from the exhaust caused by a failed impeller.  Replaced enroute (about 10 mins) – the wonders of the SpeedSeal impeller plate.  Raymarine Auto Pilot switched to Standby again without warning and would subsequently not follow a Track.  Rebooted by unplugging and reconnecting.  This solved the tracking problem – has it also solved the Standby problem?   Time will tell.  Eyemouth is home to a dozen or more very large fishing boats and fish and crustacea processing factories.  No real ale here but a good local whisky (£1.25 per shot).  Wind forecast F5/6/7 N for next two days. 
Day 13 (17/5/13) Eyemouth
Sunny today. No sign of the high wind yet. Replaced cracked casing of the Auto Pilot ST600R remote controller with one sent from Raymarine to the Harbour Master. Walked around the harbour and town. Visited the Eyemouth Maritime Centre ‘Smuggling Exhibition’ – lots of dusty stuffed 18th century  characters sitting in boats.  Dinner in a superb seafood restaurant Churches - figs baked in Parma Ham followed by local langoustine in garlic butter and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, all excellent.
Day 14 (18/5/13) Eyemouth
The F5 N wind arrives today and with it drizzle and fog. If this clears and the wind turns easterly, tomorrow I will sail to Arbroath.



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