Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 49 (23/6/13)  Stein to Canna  (36/979nm)
Depart 0740, Arrive1430.
Wind S F4. Cloud, rain and heavy swell. Motored.
Entertained by groups of Dolphins for over an hour.  Saw guillemots, puffins, shearwaters and gannets. Decided to inflate dinghy and row to the slipway for a walk around the loch. Saw many large rabbit warrens on steep peaty slopes.  On our return found it impossible to row against the increased wind and had to carry the dinghy half a mile to launch upwind of the boat.
Day 50  (23/6/13) Canna Harbour
Wind N F8 rain and cloud. Stayed on board and read.  No phone or internet connection.
Day 51  (24/6/13)  Canna to Tobermory (Mull)  (41/1020nm)
Wind NW F2/4 Sunny. Sailed and motorsailed.  Saw hundreds of guillemots. Met fellow circumnavigator Rob. Exellent dinner in the Fish Cafe. 
Day 52  (25/6/13) Tobermory to Loch Aline  (12/1032nm)
Depart 1745, Arrive 2000.
Wind W F3/4. Sun and cloud and slight rain.   Went for walk above Tobermory and found local fishmonger.  At Loch Aline fresh salmon in the evening, followed by magnificent Edradour single malt.  Off to Port Ellen (Islay) tomorrow.

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