Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Day 31  (4/6/13)  Tobermory to Mallaig  (37/753nm)
Depart 0800, Arrive 1430.
Wind NE F2. Sailed, motorsailed and motored. Warm and sunny.
Mallaig is a beautiful fishing harbour. Had dinner with two friends Cam and Audrey that I had met in Tobermory.  Off to Portree (Skye) tomorrow. 

Day 30  (3/6/13)  Tobermory Harbour
Warm, some sun and cloud. Cleaned the boat and repaired the Volvo engine panel.  Two instrument plastic mounting bezels fell apart (bad design) – fixed with silicone.  Met up with a friend (Eric) and two colleagues in his 880hp 25Kt motor boat.  They are off to Harris and St Kilda tomorrow.  Tomorrow I plan to sail to Mallaig at a leisurely speed of 6kts.
Day 29  (2/6/13)  Banavie to Tobermory (Mull)  (46/716nm)
Depart 0800, Arrive 1900.
Wind V F2/4.  Motored, sailed and motorsailed.  Sun and cloud and occasional rain.
Walked past the famous brightly coloured harbour front houses to the excellent Cafe Fish for a superb bowl of spiced seafood stew served with prawn crackers and wild rice.


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