Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 58 (2/7/13) Peel Marina.

Day 58  (2/7/13)  Peel Marina.

Peel is a historic town set in a natural harbour with an impressive ruined castle at its entrance.  Many old buildings surround the port; in the port itself were a number of decrepit half-sunk sailing and other boats. 
The day itself lived up to the forecast by having a day of strong winds and driving rain.  We looked at a number of antique shops, some with a nautical flavour.   The 2013 Good Beer Guide stood us in good stead by recommending The Creek public house [more or less on the quay], which had no fewer than 10 draught ales on tap.  Installed on a stool at the end of the bar was the ‘Pub philosopher’ claiming “Global warming is just the latest new religion, you know”.  He was engaged in conversation but was found to know little. 
Later we visited another of the recommendations, the White House Hotel, a truly traditional pub with numerous bars, hatches, and a number of traditional pub games.  In a corner of the Snug there were a group of locals speaking Manx.

Day 59  (3/7/13)  Peel to Holyhead (Anglesea)  (60/1295nm)
Depart 0700, Arrive 1700.
Wind W F4/5. Sailed.
A very good day for sailing – good beam wind and hazy sun.  There was however an unpleasant swell from the previous days gale.  Holyhead Harbour is vast and bleak but very convenient for making a passage south.

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